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My Desktop Wallpapers

I like to dither images to 2-4 colors and make desktop wallpapers out of them. Here is a collection of my current desktop wallpapers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While I do modify the initial images, I did not create the initial images for these wallpapers. Unfortunately in almost all cases, I am unable to figure out who made the initial image, so I'm unable to credit them.

Double-imaged anime person with some kanji [Image]
Anime person with tan background [Image]
Astronaut holding a jellyfish [Image]
Angel's Egg opening scene [Image]
Totoro [Image]
Anime person in jacket standing in front of a smiley face [Image]
GRIS with white background and GRIS game logo (initial image by maodraws on Instagram) [Image]
GRIS with orange background (initial image by maodraws on Instagram) [Image]
Sailor Mars (Rei) [Image]
Outer Wilds astronaut on a planet with trees sitting by a campfire [Image]

Blanket Fort Webring

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