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Looking Into Starting Audio and Video (And Showing Off Skills)

2017-05-22 - [46] 3:3

Recently, I decided to start recording myself with OBS to get video footage of me showing off some of the hobbies I can do. These are just demonstrations of things I can do that people seem to like watching me do and not videos of me being exceptionally efficient at doing these things.

Video editing is very new to me and I learned how to add audio to videos after creating and publishing the Rubik's cube solving video. I'm sure I'll learn more things and tricks I can do to cover technical gaps or the gaps in my knowledge I may come across.

The first video is me solving a Rubik's cube. I have been solving Rubik's cubes (including much larger sized and more complexly shaped versions) since I was in middle school and this has been a fun hobby to fill time or reset my mental process and attention while working on a project.

[HTTPS] Solving a Rubik's Cube - Youtube Video

In the physical realm of security, I enjoy researching and breaking/bypassing locks of all sorts. Just like with cyber security, I am at point A and I want to get to point B, but instead of software guards and firewalls, there is a lock on a door or a lock on a restraint. It was early high school when I learned how to pick locks and a few years ago when I learned how to pick out of double locked police grade (and tactical) handcuffs. With time and practice, I could pick out of double locked handcuffs in an arrested position with my hands behind my back, my palms out and my thumbs facing upwards with only half of a bobby pin. Below is a video of me breaking out of police grade double locked handcuffs with my hands in an arrested position.

[HTTPS] Picking out of double locked handcuffs behind my back - Youtube video

The Master Lock no. 175 combination padlock has a popular bypass in its locking mechanism that is unimaginatively called the "Master Lock 175 bypass". This bypass allows someone to stick a thin piece of metal behind one of the number dials and press a plate keeping the padlock locked, thus unlocking the padlock in mere seconds. This bypass can be done with any combination on the lock, as I am bypassing the dials as a locking mechanism entirely. I do the Master Lock 175 bypass twice in the video below.

[HTTPS] Master Lock 175 Bypass - Youtube Video

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