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Introducing Solar/Lunar Eclipse and Sun/Moon Phase Pages on My Site

2023-10-14 - [52] 07:28

The Annular Solar Eclipse quickly approaches, followed this Full Moon (October 28th) with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

While the phases of the eclipse differ from location to location, the global solar eclipse data is as follows:

The following lunar eclipse data is as follows:

To celebrate the Solar Eclipse, I decided to add a few more pages to my site.

Collection of Sun and Moon tracking information
Collection of Solar Eclipse times
Collection of Lunar Eclipse times
Collection of Moon Phase times
Collection of Season (Equinoxes and Seasons) times

All of the information on these pages was calculated using my program syzygy, which uses formulas found in "Astronomical Algorithms 2nd Edition" by Jean Meeus.

[Image] Photo of my copy of the book "Astronomical Algorithms 2nd Edition" by Jean Meeus

syzygy git repo

Along with adding the aforementioned pages, I also added a few pages to my wiki.

{eclipse season}
{lunar eclipse}
{moon phase}
{solar eclipse}

All of this information took me most of this last week or 2 to calculate correctly. There are other resources for much of this data on the web already, but I'm happy I could provide this information over gopher and gemini.

Have a happy solar eclipse! Be sure to not look directly into the Sun!

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