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Hey, I'm Vi Grey! 👋

██┓   ██┓██┓     ██████┓ ██████┓ ███████┓██┓   ██┓ 
██┃   ██┃██┃    ██┏━━━━┛ ██┏━━██┓██┏━━━━┛┗██┓ ██┏┛ 
┗██┓ ██┏┛██┃    ██┃  ██┓ ██████┏┛█████┓   ┗████┏┛ 
 ┗████┏┛ ██┃    ██┃  ┗██┓██┏━━██┓██┏━━┛    ┗██┏┛ 
  ┗██┏┛  ██┃    ┗██████┏┛██┃  ██┃███████┓   ██┃ 
   ┗━┛   ┗━┛     ┗━━━━━┛ ┗━┛  ┗━┛┗━━━━━━┛   ┗━┛ 

I'm a software developer who tends to program in Go and also tends to make NES games in 6502 Assembly.

I am currently looking for full-time work in Software Development

My Resume (PDF)

This site is simultaneously hosted over HTTP(S), Gemini, and Gopher (http://, https://, gemini://, and gopher://) using a server program I created in Go called Bergelmir, the source code for which you can find at the following link:

Bergelmir Source Code

A tor hidden service ".onion" for this site is available as well over HTTP, Gemini, and Gopher at the following .onion address:


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My Socials

RSS Feeds
[HTTPS] Mastodon: @Vi@mastodon.social
[Email] Email: vi@vigrey.com


6502 Instruction Reference
The Havamal
NES Development Resources
Sun and Moon Calculations
Tarot Cards

Places I like on the Internet

[HTTP] Sarah Petkus's (ROBOHEMIAN) website
[HTTPS] Emily Velasco's projects
[HTTPS] Netspooky's website
[Gemini] dio9sys's gemini capsule
[HTTPS] Rek Bell's website
[HTTPS] Devine Lu Linvega's website
[HTTP] Tom 7's blog
[HTTPS] tmp.0ut zine
[HTTPS] LOW<-TECH MAGAZINE solar-powered website
[HTTPS] pcloadletter blog
[HTTPS] XKCD comics
[HTTPS] Shavian alphabet info website

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Content is Human Made

No large language models (LLMs) were used in the production of this site


Assets and text are licensed by Vi Grey under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License unless stated otherwise

[HTTPS] Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License legal code (TXT file)

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