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Finger Log 2023-10-11

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2023-10-11 - [52] 7:25

A Solar Eclipse is coming up, so I went out of my way to fix up some
eclipse detection code for syzygy and added a sun-moon page to my site
at vigrey.com/sun-moon. That page has some sun and moon tracking
content that was calculated specifically using syzygy. That includes:

* Seasons (Equinoxes and Solstices) for years 2001-2100
* Solar Eclipses for years 2001-2100
* Moon Phases for years 2001-2100
* Lunar Eclipses for years 2001-2100

I hope to write a journal post about my sun-moon page to celebrate the
upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse and the upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse.

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